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G Suite Public Email Group

G Suite can be a bit confusing sometimes, but fear not, here is a quick guide to set your group up as an email list. I'm sure there is an official guide somewhere, but I was unable to find a definitive, official source for this information. First create your group, I usually select "Restricted" as the access level to ensure the group is not a public forum. Next set your group access as follows to allow for public posting: Next just to double check, go to the group moderation settings (link at the bottom of the g-suite group settings page, note you will have to add yourself as an owner to the group to see these settings): Lastly, unless you want any groups to be publically accessible, go to the G-Suite Groups for business app advanced settings and ensure your defaults are all set to private (unless emailed to group from outside), only members can see topics (unless you want all members to be able to see the group's emails), and I like to set it up so only domain admins can create groups. Use your discression on this part. This process has changed in the past an it may…
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Blocking China and other countries from accessing your servers

So I wanted to create a simple script which I could load onto all of my Linux webservers, from Ubuntu to CentOS. Here is the code I found to work relatively well: #remove existing rule to purge old IP's, download IP's from ipdeny.com, load IP's into "geoblocks" ipset, re-add iptables rule and re-start fail2ban#this is to get the "geoblocks" rule at the top of the list so that it can be deleted in the next lineservice iptables restart#delete the "geoblocks" rule from iptablesiptables -D INPUT 1#purge the "geoblocks" ipsetipset destroy geoblocks#re-establish the "geoblocks" ipsetipset create geoblocks hash:net#remove old .zone filesrm *.zone#set variablesiso="af kp kr cn cu ir iq in jp ru tw br ro it hu tr"#root of ip list zone filesdlroot="http://www.ipdeny.com/ipblocks/data/countries"#download the .zone filesfor c in $iso; do wget $dlroot/$c.zone; done#load all .zone files into onecat *.zone > blocks.zone#load list of IP's just created into the "geoblocks" ipsetfor i in $(cat blocks.zone); do ipset add geoblocks $i; done#re-establish iptables ruleiptables -I INPUT -m set --match-set geoblocks src -j DROPservice fail2ban restart This script of course requres iptables and ipset to be installed and working properly. Add this script in a cron job set to update once a week, and…
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New Sites

So I've been busy the last few months with various projects, including but definitely not limited to the following pages for incredible individuals. Pure Genetics website. Working with the incredible physique athlete, Travis Harris was a pleasure, and we both walked away from this project knowing a little more. Visit his site at puregeneticsfitness.com.                           Next we have the incredibly talented Julia James and her page juliajamesmusic.com. Go check her out and all of her great music. She is definitely a name to keep an eye on, this gal is going places!
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Women are crazy

Anyone ever dated this woman? I've dated her a couple times. They push you away and wonder why you get all "weird" when you wonder what's up. Then it's YOU who's unreasonable. Funny stuff here people! Got to laugh or else you'll cry.  
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Big shout out to Verizon Wireless

After more than twelve years of uninterrupted service, never a missed payment (which totals over $11,000), Verizon Wireless choose to shut off my voice and data service yesterday due to a "Flag" that there was suspicious activity or usage. Just wanted to give a little shout out and say how appreciative I am of that Verizon. You're a superstar. Yes, it was because I have been using an unusual amount of data, but I have unlimited data, and my data at the point it was shut off was at 133GB with 4 days to go on the month. The image above shows previous month's usage. Draw your own conclusion.
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Why am I incompatible? Why is it I keep to myself and don't interact with many people outside my family and work relationships?   Becase...   I like strange things, strange music, doing things that are strange to most people. I like listening to strange music on strange sound systems in strangely loud ways. I like exercising in strange ways at strange times in strange temperatures (ask the many people who have called the cops on me). I like strange TV shows (NOT TV at all really) like How It's Made, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Extreme Engineering, anything to do with Science and Nature; I pretty much keep my TV on Science and Discovery channel 100% of the time. I like to be strange, and that makes me incompatible.   I hate the normal. I hate normal music--if I find a song I like and it starts to play on the radio, I stop listening. I hate normal sedentary habits, normal TV (did I mention I won't turn on the TV), normal routines and work habits. I hate what is considered normal human habits and behaviour like treating females like objects--which makes me incompatible with about 90% of the male population,…
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Clear and intent purpose

I do very little without very clear and intent purpose. If you catch me off guard or on an off day, you may think I'm a little slow because I think very carefully about the things that I say. Almost everything I do has a purpose, is a means to an end, or can be explained in a logical manner. If I find myself doing something that doesn't have purpose or meaning behind it, I question my actions and evaluate them; logically process them and come to a conclusion as to their usefulness and purpose in the course of my life. I am very methodical and careful not to waste time doing anything in an inefficient manner. I always try to find a better way to perform every task -- and I mean everything -- from taking a shower to the way I run a business. If I can find a better, more efficient and cost effective way to do something, I will seek to do my very best to bring the highest level of efficiency to every aspect of my life and business endeavours. I am careful to use the proper noun when referring to a generic subset of…
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How to set up a web server to back up to Amazon S3

In this article I will go through the procedure I have used for setting up a web server to back up directly to an Amazon S3 bucket. I won't go over the many reasons to back up your web server, but in addition to the routine complete server backup--either on a VPS through snapshots or physical server bare metal backups--backing up the web portion of your servers is important in so many ways. The reason I use S3 is because it is inexpensive, proven reliable, and fast. The reason I don't use rsync is because the method I use to mount the S3 bucket (s3fs) hasn't been reliable and fast enough with the number and size of files required to back up a web server's main directories. This may not be the best way to accomplish the task of backing up a web server to an S3 bucket, but given the lack of any other method, it has worked very well for me to date. This guide was written using a Ubuntu 12.04 server installation on a VPS with a basic LAMP setup. I will assume you have a basic understanding of the command line interface of a Linux web…
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Portrait of my son and I

Just for fun, turned out pretty well in my photo studio. Photoshopped background. Galaxy SIII used for the photograph because I didn't have batteries for the remote on my SLR, so saying "cheese" on my camera takes a picture for me. Used this lighting rig.
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