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Written by  Andrew Gould
28 January 2014


If the intolerance of some is not tolerated, this is intolerance.

The earth is comprised of a variety of animals of varying intelligence, yet humans hold each other by a higher standard than other animals.

We preach goodwill toward men, yet do nothing for our neighbor when we see he needs help.

The following is an attempt at a relatively objective observation on some of the hypocrisies I see in the world around me. This is of course filtered by the lens of personal experience and the various "media" sources which I have been exposed to. I try my best to see things in the light of common sense and reason, however some of my past will reflect in the ideas I express.

The world around me is filled with hypocrites. I am one myself in many ways. I will shout at my son to stop shouting. I will preach fiscal responsibility to my friends and family, and go out and buy something completely unneeded to make myself temporarily happy the next day.

The hypocrisies I want to focus on are the ones we might not see immediately as a double standard, yet are so blatant and obvious that sometimes I just want to scream.

Firstly, I abhor prejudice, of any and all kinds. I believe that all people are equal when it comes to our ability to make our own destiny. For every third world poverty story there is a story of someone who overcame poverty to achieve great works for mankind. Our world, and especially our county is full of prejudice against someone that is different from ones self, if we want to recognize it or not, it's there. Whether it's a skin color, a language barrier, a socio-economic class, political viewpoint, or to a culture that practices what would be considered by many 'crimes to humanity'. We are all prejudiced in some way.

Tolerance is the word of the day. Tolerance is what we must all strive for. Without tolerance you are considered an outcast, you are less than those who will tolerate, you will not be tolerated by those who say you must tolerate.

I say we tolerate too much, and in order for there to remain any semblance of 'human decency', we must tolerate less. Tolerate less hate, greed, lust, sexism, racism, murder. These are some things I believe we can all agree to tolerate less of.

So, human race, please stop with the hypocrisy of intolerance of those who are intolerant. Your hatred of those who hate what you love will not make the world a better place.

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