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Written by  Andrew Gould
25 February 2014


Why am I incompatible? Why is it I keep to myself and don't interact with many people outside my family and work relationships?




I like strange things, strange music, doing things that are strange to most people. I like listening to strange music on strange sound systems in strangely loud ways. I like exercising in strange ways at strange times in strange temperatures (ask the many people who have called the cops on me). I like strange TV shows (NOT TV at all really) like How It's Made, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Extreme Engineering, anything to do with Science and Nature; I pretty much keep my TV on Science and Discovery channel 100% of the time. I like to be strange, and that makes me incompatible.


I hate the normal. I hate normal music--if I find a song I like and it starts to play on the radio, I stop listening. I hate normal sedentary habits, normal TV (did I mention I won't turn on the TV), normal routines and work habits. I hate what is considered normal human habits and behaviour like treating females like objects--which makes me incompatible with about 90% of the male population, and which is why most of my friends are females. I hate self destructive habits and relationships--I avoid people who have a tendancy toward self destructive relationships like the plague.


I like making things, fixing things, working with my hands until they're caloused and raw. I like to leave it all behind and just run with something I'm truly convicted in. I like freedom and insecurity and challenges. I like to step out of my comfort zone and get my hands dirty. I am an introvert who actively and fervently tries to be an extrovert. I take ownership of whatever I do, and I tend to take over positions and companies I work for and with. I know what I want, I deliberatley plan what I want, and I work hard for everything I get.


I run multiple companies, I create and grow businesses and companies, I create and grow products and services, I do so much more than my resume says, or than I even tell my closest of confidants. I am extremely humble about all that I do, and if you meet me as a technician at the tech company I run, you will know me as a technician. If you meet me at the graphic design company I run, you will meet me as a designer. I don't flaunt my "positions", although many times I want to in order to gain some respect, but then I will be like every other overly proud business owner. I believe humility has to come with any business venture and this makes me incompatible, and many times disrepsected in my fields. But that's OK, because if you show the lowest of who I choose to be to you disrespect then you probably don't deserve my business.

I love learning and growing and developing my mind. If I see something as a detrement to my long term goals I will drop it like the perverbial IT that is so often dropped in our pop culture due to its hot nature. I play video games to relieve tension and create a sense of accomplishemnt after a particularly un-accomplished day; I read more though, because it makes me a better person, increases my vocabulary, keeps my mind sharp, and benefits in so many other ways (and I'm not talking about fiction).


This is alien to most, and to most I have to bid adue because most see my mindset as a threat to them. They see my manner of communication as a threat to their intelligence and my efforts to express my opinions as patronizing and rude. I refuse to appologize for expressing my opinions and if you view my vernacular as an offense, then I will just stop communicating. I am fervent about my opinions and my opinions are not those of any other, they are well thought and a product of clear and intent purpose on my behalf.


I love family, being a full time independent single dad, spending time with my son and doing things together. Teaching my son new things and learning from him along the way. This is completely alien to most adult males my age--especially the single ones--and it makes me incompatible.


I think, love, work, play, and generally live my life passionately. I have a head on my shoulders and a big heart in my chest, and I'm not afraid to use either one.

This is a fraction of why I'm incompatible. It's also a fraction of why I am who I am. A fraction of what makes me proud to be who I am. I am not ashamed to be incompatible and I refuse to appologize for the way I am. I am who I am and that's that.


What makes me incompatible is what makes me unique, and if you can't see the value in that then you can just get lost.

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